Cheaper phone plans are on the shopping list

Australians are trying to lower their cost for mobile phone plans and they are willing to spend the time hunting for it. In the last year, there has been an increase in the number of affordable low cost plans that have unlimited calls and even include 1GB of data. These plans are starting from $10 and this lower cost of service is making hard to convince consumers to opt for higher priced plans.

The $10 starting point seems to be a very attractive proposition for first time smart phone users as well as older consumers who have very little interest in data. It is also attractive to users who have very interest in doing much more than making phone calls.

The 1GB of data goes a long way for users who are not used to using data on their smart devices. It gives you a few hours of YouTube surfing and hours upon hours of internet surfing.

Amaysim is one of the carriers that have decided to release at $10 plan. They have over a million customers and the release of their 1GB plan for $10 has proven to be hugely popular. According to CEO Julian Ogrin, 42 percent of Australian mobile phone users use less than 1GB of data. This is a huge market to capitalise on. For a great deal on Amaysim, get a Amaysim coupon here.



Ayres Rock, one of Australia’s popular destinations

When you think of Australia, there are a few significant land marks that first come to mind. These include the Sydney Opera House and Bridge, the Great Barrier Reef and Ayres Rock.

Ayres rock is located in Kata Tjuta National park which is 450 kilometres away from Alice Springs, a small Australian town. Ayres Rock is also known as Uluru, which is it’s traditional aboriginal name, and is famous for being one of the largest natural landmarks in the world. Ayres Rock was named by an explorer called William Gosse who found it in 1873.

Ayres rock is considered a sacred Aboriginal site as well and therefore has a lot of spiritual history surrounding it.

At present, visitors to Ayres rock are allowed to make the climb to the top of the rock. This climb is a 1.6 kilometres rise and can be difficult to trek.

Due to the remoteness of the rock, only a few places offer accommodation close by. Expedia often have an Expedia coupon for accommodation in this location

Styletread shoes

Everyone knows that buying shoes that are comfortable is very important for the health of your feet. It is unfortunately the case these days that shoes that fit you are also not suited to your feet and are uncomfortable anyway.

There are certain things you should look for when purchasing shoes to making sure that they are the right fit.

If you are buying heels then make sure you don’t buy shoes that are over two inches high as these will be uncomfortable. Make sure the shoes have a comfortable sole.
A good test for checking whether shoe soles are comfortable or not is by pressing on the ball area of the shoe. If they are spongy then it should be comfortable. If it is rock hard then it is like to be uncomfortable.

One of the best places to buy shoes these days is Online. There are stores like StyleTread who offer consumers a Styletread coupon which make the price of there shoes very cheap.

How to save money when you shop online

One of the great advantages of the internet is that you are able to shop online for just about everything you ever needed. Shopping online has it’s advantages in that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered straight to your door.

The other big advantage of shopping online is that you can compare the prices of what you want to buy across most of the retailers using many price comparison sites.

The third advantage of the internet is that there are many coupon sites around that will save you even more on your purchases. Coupon sites provide codes that you can use during the checkout process that will give you discounts on what you purchase. The discount could be in the form of a cash amount off, a percentage amount off or even just free delivery.

There are many coupon sites around and it may take a bit of searching to find one with the store you’re shopping on and with a working coupon available.

The other advantage of the internet with regard to shopping is that most bricks and mortar sites will also have an online presence. This means that you get some specific advantages over people that don’t do online shopping. Firstly, most shops have an online catalog. This allows you to review the products and prices of what you want to purchase before you go in store to buy it. This saves you time and means you can choose what you want before you go in. The other advantage is that many online stores allow a click and collect option when buying online. Click and Collect means you can shop online and then pick it up from the store rather than get it delivered. Doing this means you save on delivery costs, avoid busy shops and usually pick it up quicker than getting it delivered.